Welcome to The Pensacola Garden Center

Located in East Hill, the Pensacola Garden Center is home to the Pensacola Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.. The garden club originally formed November 26, 1931, federated in 1953, and our center was built in 1962.  After 80 years we are 13 clubs strong with approximately 275 members.  Our club circles and clubs meet at The Garden Center at various times each month and we host a variety of events each year.  The Garden Center is rented for weddings, receptions, shows, and reunions. It is equipped with tables, kitchen, and stage.

We are seeking to add new members and clubs who can share in our love of gardening.  For more information about joining a club, please see the Garden Clubs webpage.


Educational Series Seminar  Every year PFGC presents an Educational Series Seminar at the Garden Center.  This is a full day of lectures, panel discussions and/or demonstrations and is open to members and the public.  A lunch is included.  Cost to attend.

Secret Garden Tour   Each spring PFGC hosts the Secret Gardens of the Emerald Coast Garden Tour normally in the month of May.  This tour of local private gardens is a special treat for members and the general public as well as a fundraiser for The Garden Center upkeep.

Pensacola Interstate Fair Flower Shows  Two flower shows are conducted over two weeks at the Pensacola Interstate Fair in October of each year.  This is an opportunity for members to participate in a flower show by bringing in horticulture, assist with judging, or act as a host/hostess in educating the thousands of visitors in areas of horticulture, floral design, conservation and landscape design.  The public is also invited to enter horticulture.

Tour of Tables  This event nurtures our interest in flower arranging and the art of designing a beautiful table. The Tour of Tables presents to the community for their enjoyment and education a two-day event featuring beautifully decorated tablescapes with themes from around the world and other places.  Held annually in the spring.  Preview wine & cheese held in the evening. A seated luncheon is offered to members only the following day.

Indoor Garage Sales  These quarterly sales offer an indoor flea market type sale, where members, circles, or the public can recycle their unneeded items.

The Pensacola Federation of Garden Clubs (PFGC) is a member of District I, The Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., Deep South Region, and National Garden Clubs, Inc